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Living in Austria

Employment in Austria

Under most circumstances it is very difficult for foreigners to obtain employment in Austria. This is particularly true at the present time given the current tight labor market in Austria. Employment by non-Austrians is generally discouraged and no one other than an Austrian national may accept a position here without first obtaining a work permit. Work permits are difficult to obtain and are usually granted only to persons qualified to fill posts in specialized fields for which Austrian nationals or other EU-nationals are not available. (Work permits are granted with less stringent requirements to persons married to Austrian citizens and other EU-nationals.)

The employer may apply for the required work permit from the labor office ("Arbeitsamt") serving the local area in which the employment will be located. Thus, it is necessary to find a specific prospective job before making an application for a work permit.

The Embassy itself has very few positions, which can be filled locally. Preference for these positions is given to family members of U.S. Government employees. In general, recruiting for U.S.-filled positions in Embassies and Consulates is done in Washington, D.C. and employees so recruited must be available for service anywhere in the world.

Further information regarding this type of employment may be obtained from the:

Employment Division/Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20520

or at the

U.S. Embassy/Human Resources Section
Boltzmanngasse 16
1090 Vienna

The Embassy has no information regarding specific positions available with private firms in Austria. In most circumstances, Austrian firms have little if any requirement for non-Austrian employees. Knowledge of the German language is indispensable for employment in the local labor market. Information regarding possible job openings may be obtained from local Austrian labor offices ("Arbeitsamt"). There are no private employment agencies in Austria. Most U.S. firms here have only minimal numbers of U.S. employees.

U.S. citizens who come to Austria with pre-arranged employment should ensure that arrangements have been completed for approval of the work permit ("Arbeitserlaubnis"). The necessary residence visa ("Aufenthaltsgenehmigung") can be applied for at an Austrian Embassy or Consulate outside of Austria before leaving for Austria or locally, in Austria.

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